$1 Projects — hosted by Google OneToday


What are $1 projects?

Reach the Children is utilizing a mobile giving app called One Today by Google to crowd fund for specific projects. A “crowd fund” gets many people to put in a small amount of money to accomplish an end goal – like providing clean drinking water for school children.

Please note – you don’t have to donate to our $1 projects to donate to RTC. We have other options. To see them, please visit our donate page.

What do the $1 projects look like?

See for yourself in the screenshot below. In the banner to the left, you will notice a list of all of our $1 projects – so go explore.

How can I help?

Donate – you can click the give button to pledge $1 to that specific project. For each project, a set dollar amount accomplishes a certain goal. After pledging your $1, you must pay your balance thru Google’s pay system for Reach the Children to receive your donation.

Share a project – at any time you can share the project URL link on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites to get your family and friends involved in the project you choose. Here is an example – but don’t forget to add something nice about RTC or the project!

Why am I limited in my donation?

Google only allows OneToday users to donate a one-time amount of $1, $5, $10, $20 or $100 to a given project if you don’t have the mobile application. The best way to support RTC’s $1 projects is to donate using the links provided and share the projects in every way you can.

Don’t panic! If you’d like to donate more to Reach the Children, visit our donate page to give as much as you’d like.

How is my donation processed?

Donations through this method are a little more difficult than the standard Paypal donation available on the donate page. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, go there.

First, you must have a Google Wallet account. This type of secure account allows you to use your credit cards for online payments. Second, when you click donate you are pledging the amount selected rather than actually donating. This means you can pledge to multiple projects and then pay your overall balance – right then or later if you wish. Third, Google takes 1.9% on all of these types of donations to pay for direct processing costs. This is very reasonable (only $.19 of every $10 donated is taken); however, if you’d like to have all of your donation go to Reach the Children, check out other avenues available on the donate page.

What other information on Google OneToday is available?

Google OneToday FAQs — https://support.google.com/onetodayapp

Google Wallet FAQs — https://www.google.com/wallet/faq/