Past Success
YODIDA, school for the disabled in Uganda, has been able to survive the tides. Recently, Reach the Children; currently their major sponsors, brought support with their international volunteers who donated the following items:
1. New metallic beds to replace the old and shaky wooden beds. Children can now sleep comfortably and confidently without fear of the uncertain. 51 (4 inch) mattresses replaced the old and haggard ones the children were sleeping on for years. These were infested with bed bugs, mosquitoes and fleas that were causing various illnesses to the children. To make matters worse, neither parents nor the center had the money to treat the illnesses in the children. This was a profound contribution to the children’s welfare.
2. Different sports gear was donated. Though the center lacks a space for recreational activities for the children, the sports equipment can easily be used with ingenuity and improvisation to cater for recreational needs.
3. First Aid Kits, we created a small space out of the few rooms that were available for a clinic where loads of first aid kits have been placed to cater for emergency medical needs as they arise every day.