Past Success
Kyunga Hospital is a local government hospital with a capacity of 200 beds.
Unfortunately, due to the health care needs, it was accommodating over 500 patients. They had a shortage of basic medical supplies and equipment. Among the most urgent were an assortment of drugs, an oxygen concentrator and regulator, a nebuliser, an autoclave, and an operating table. Their infant ward needed bedding and an incubator, among other supplies.
Reach the Children purchased an incubator and numerous other medical supplies to donate to Kyunga. Volunteers were welcomed by Dr. Linda, the Medical Superintendent, and given a tour of the hospital. They visited the Pediatric Ward, where they visited with the patients and their mothers and donated blankets and hygiene kits. They proceeded to the Maternity Ward and presented the hospital management with the purchased and donated medical supplies and equipment. Among the equipment was a newborn incubator. Dr. Linda said, “We are very grateful for the donations and I can tell you that this is the most valuable equipment we have. The Incubator has come at the right time because the only one we had was an improvisation, where we had to light a charcoal stove, and place it below the box where the baby is placed.”
There are many schools in the Mokono district that lack the resources for basic educational materials such as pencils, paper, and books. In most schools, there is a great need for education on dental hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, and hand-washing.